Best Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been available for so many years already and have evolved to have different variations. With these several models are in the market. Thus several users are having time choosing the best ceiling fan for their homes. You might have been trying to get a hold of a ceiling fan that will not only satisfy your home needs but fits the budget at the same time. It is impractical to go to different stores and try all their available models until you find the one. Neither is spending a lot of hours online just to get all the best reviews and help you out on your search. So to help you out, I am here to make your hunt for the best ceiling fan easier and much more enjoyable. I have summarized all the helpful reviews online to bring you just the right information you need. So at the end of reading this article, you’ll be able to know which fan to bring home that’s the best value for your money. From amongst hundreds of ceiling fan models out there, I have listed the top 10 ceiling fans in India which you’ll find below. Before that let’s first look into the things you should keep in mind with the following buying guide

These specifications are not only to find out the ceiling fan that has the best air quality that you are looking for. But it is also based on your aesthetic and personal preference that will be fitting in your home’s design and structure. As a general rule, as the number of blades increases, the quieter and the lesser air it circulates. The ideal is 3 to 5 blades to achieve the average air circulation and tolerable ceiling fan noise. Good thing, low drag blade shapes ensure that fans with an ideal number of blades can still do its job well. Generally the more blades the ceiling fans have, the higher its cost. As per usual, use a 52-inch fan for up to a 400-square-foot room, a 44-inch fan for up to 225 square feet, and a 42-inch fan for up to 144 square feet. For rooms that are more than 18 feet long, choose two medium-sized fans for it.

Best Ceiling Fans:

  • Sudharshan Fans
  • Crompton Fans
  • Usha Fans
  • Havells Fans
  • Bajaj Fans
  • Luminous Fans

Ceiling Fan Controls and Accessories Some ceiling fan models have an angled ceiling adapter for uneven ceiling surface locations. Downloads which are poles that can lower the fan on your desired height comes as a free accessory that is very useful to anyone. Some ceiling fans include a light kit attached which is useful as you then don’t need to install lighting for the room separately. Common controls are either via a remote control, a control mounted on the wall, or via a pull chain switch to change the fan speed. Choose what is convenient and safe for your family. Wall-mounted is mostly chosen to prevent small children from using it. If you want to buy the best power saving fans then Buy BLDC Fans for power saving.

Location of the Fan:

There are different options for both indoor and outdoor use ceiling fans. You should consider the surface of the ceiling where it will be mounted. Some ceiling fan models can be installed in sloped surfaces. Make sure to double-check your ceiling height. Get small, flush mount and low profile ceiling fans if your ceiling height is less than 8 feet long Standard ceiling fans require at least 8 feet ceiling heights.


It is always recommended to install the ceiling fan with the help of an electrician. But for some who love to do it on their own, check the manual guide included indicating the step-by-step guidelines for the installation. Make sure it is readable and can be handled by you without a doubt. You’ll never go wrong once you follow these simple guidelines in getting the best ceiling fan for your home.

Ceiling fans are the foremost appliances once individuals believe in reducing electricity consumption in their house. Most people target lighting for repairing their high electricity bills, however, fans consume more energy than lights. To give a perspective a regular (BEE star rated) ceiling fan consumes 75 Watts as compared to a regular (most inefficient) tube light that consumes 55 Watts. Also, a ceiling fan is used during the day as well as night whereas light is used only during the night. In totality ceiling fans consumes more than twice or thrice the amount of electricity as compared to lights. But most people ignore the power consumption of ceiling fans while buying them. BEE or Bureau of Energy potency in India started rating ceiling fans of 1200mm sweep (regular-sized ceiling fans) a couple of years back and since then the makers have started coming out with efficient ceiling fans. To help people make electricity consumption as a deciding factor, we have decided to put up a list of Best Ceiling Fans In India by electricity consumption and size.

These square measure a number of the leading brands for ceiling fans in India. Among these brands, you may notice some sensible energy-efficient ceiling fans. However, BLDC is that the latest and most energy-efficient technology out there in fans and a few sensible brands that supply BLDC fans embrace.

This Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades offers a great service that is comparatively far ahead than its competitors. It conjointly offers three enticing colors to decide on from. It has amazing torque motor and aerodynamic design which delivers the highest amount of air for maximum comfort.

Even after loaded with such a power, the makers of this fan designed it in such a way that it operates smoothly without making annoying noise as compared to different other models. This flagship model delivers a much-improved air with the help of its high-quality motor which is scalable to 240 cubics per minute.

There are many ceiling fans that are priced more than this model even after having an average rate of just 210-220cmm. So considering the overall details of ceiling fan with three blades, it is coming out as a clear choice available in the current market. The reputation of the brand attracts many customers for its different types of electronic products. In our list of best ceiling fans, ceiling fan with 4 blades is placed just below the top spot.

This fan is slightly completely different from the regular style of a three-blade fan with the additional blade it’s. With the increased number of the blade, one can expect an increased amount of airflow by the latest model. This ceiling fan additionally comes with three completely different colors to decide on from.

Considering the physical appearance further, the fan with its unique curvy blades and a premium looking finishing over the blades looks absolutely gorgeous. The other key factor of the fan is the stainless decorative trim on the top, which puts a cherry on top in terms of the premium looks.

The ceiling fan comes with a great air delivery power of about 260cmm along with a good rotation speed of 390RPM. These ceiling fans also display a high grade of the metallic colors which provides a rich look to the interior.

This ceiling fan is another top product by the fan is known for its higher speed which also offers a good amount of features. It has an average looking physical appearance that might not get much attention, but the strong build quality and powerful specification can easily make you think twice for it.

Indian market is flooded with totally different varieties of ceiling fans. There are branded as well as local. You can get fans under 1000 rupees and also get fans over 5000 rupees. So, if you’re trying to induce an admirer that’s the most effective ceiling fan in Bharat, your search won’t be straightforward, unless you follow our recommendation.

We have created a list of 7 best ceiling fans that you can buy in India. We created this list after testing almost 43 different models of ceiling fans. It took us almost 174 hours to test all the fans. We also consulted 17 experts who belong to the home appliance industry.

In addition to the list, we have also created a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help buy the fan that not only fits your needs but fits your budget too.

Ceiling Fan in India as Most Powerful Ceiling Fan Budget Ceiling Fan Blade has a unique design for maximum cooling and it Uses less energy and easy to clean with Powerful motors has an aluminum body Power motor Creates a good amount of breeze and Beautiful and elegant design. Easy to clean and maintain and the fan does not make any noise throughout the room

Yes, of course, it loses some marks for its design but for its performance it does gets some extra marks. During tests, a fan-created nice breeze and it was even throughout the room. The air it produced was 201 cubic per minute which is at par with the best ceiling fan in India. We tested the breeze and its uniformity at totally different speed levels and it absolutely was even throughout the space. However, for larger rooms, it would not be as effective.

Though the fan has a good performance, we felt that it produced more noise compared to other fans. Not to a level that it can disturb but we felt it was louder than most of the best fans in its range. But this can be expected with budget fans.

Energy Consumption:

If you look at the use of a fan, it is on for almost 24 hours. Hence it is really important to have a fan that doesn’t put the burden on your purse. So always look at the ratings of the fan. Five or Four rated fans are best if you are looking for the least energy-consuming fans. The cost of five star rated ceiling fans will be more. If cost is not an issue then fans like Gorilla Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 1200 Mm Ceiling Fan are probably the most energy-efficient fan.

Air Delivery:

A fan that doesn’t create the right amount of air is of no use. It has to produce enough airflow to cool the room. Most of the best ceiling fan in India has an airflow of more than 200 cubic permits. Always look for the fan that is more than 200 cubic permits. Most of the makers supply this measurement right to the box. Electric Aero Series 1200mm Ceiling Fan has around 250 cubics per mint airflow which is highest among all the ceiling fans.


A fan is a motor based appliance. In order to produce the right amount of airflow, the motor has to be powerful. The ceiling fan that you simply get should be higher than seventy Watt as a result of these fans have the foremost powerful motor. Though with high power it may increase your bills and also the noise. So, make certain that with a high power fan is energy economical and conjointly makes less noise. However, there are some fans that produce the highest amount of airflow with small power like Gorilla Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 1200 Mm Ceiling Fan.

Room Size:

This is one of every of the foremost important factors to think about whereas shopping for the simplest ceiling fan in India. Even before you start your search for a fan you will have to know the size of the room. According to the size of the room, you have to decide the fan size you require. For the rooms that are larger than 100 sq. ft. you require a fan size more than 1000 mm and if room size more than 150 sq. ft. than fan size should be 1400 mm.

Warranty and Price as we mentioned earlier fan are appliances that are in use for almost 24X7, you require assurance that it won’t break down within a few weeks or month of purchase. Most of the businesses supply two years or a lot of assurance on the most effective ceiling fan in Bharat. The price is the key because not only you pay to purchase it but you also pay the monthly bill on its use, so you do not want to spend too much for a lesser capacity of a fan.

Since the summer season is around the corner, people have started thinking of buying the cooling solutions such as Air Conditioner, High-Speed fan, Tower Fans, Air Coolers, etc. for their home. However, there are many people who still rely on a Table Fan as it flows with their budget and can be centered anywhere. Apart from these cooling appliances, we have been using ceiling fans for a long time to circulate air in our surroundings. It is a necessary home appliance.

A ceiling fan is one {in all|one amongst|one in every of} the foremost necessary appliances in a house. It is additionally usually additionally one among the foremost neglected electrical appliances. The best ceiling fans in the Asian nation should embrace options like saving electricity, sweeping a bigger extent and loads quite simply the fundamental operate of current air.

Ceiling fans are being used for a long time to circulate air in the surrounding. It is the cheapest, most convenient way to increase air circulation in a room and works well for hot and cold weather. It typically brings down the temperature of its surroundings by 7 degrees, making the room cooler.

Types of Ceiling Fans in Indian as each winter and summer strike at their most . Therefore, we need to make our homes adapt to both the seasons equally well. Ceiling fans as mostly looked at to cool down the temperature of the surroundings. On the other hand, there are certain kinds of ceiling fans available to increase the room temperature.

Summer Ceiling fan

A typical summer ceiling fan rotates in a counterclockwise direction. This pushes the cool air upwards, causing hot or warmer air to be displaced in the upward direction. This phenomenon leads to lowering the temperature of the surroundings.

Winter Ceiling fan

A winter ceiling fan helps to increase the room temperature. It rotates in a clockwise direction, pushing the hot air downwards. These ceiling fans are nice and attend with energy potency option.

structure of a ceiling fan:

A typical ceiling fan consists of many basic components, a drop rod, blades and lights to feature a mode statement to your area. The best ceiling fans in India tend to have a great energy-efficient system, stylish lights to brighten up the room and remote control for the light and speed control operations.

Drop rod:

A drop rod in a ceiling fan is one of its most important parts. The best ceiling fans have a drop rod that’s neither too getting ready to the ceiling nor too high from the ground. An adequate distance of a ceiling fan from the ceiling determines its proper movement.

It has been seen that a ceiling fan must be higher than seven feet from the floor for its proper rotation. The blades of the fan, however, should be at least 2-3 feet from the ceiling and at least one feet away from the side walls.

The height of the ceiling fan is a 48-inch drop rod length ceiling fan fits best in a very thirteen feet high ceiling. A thirty-six inches long drop rod can slot in a twelve feet high ceiling area.


The numbers of blades also help to choose the best ceiling fans for you. Although the number of blades does not tend to affect a fan’s performance. Its number is determined by the maximum area it has to sweep. The Ceiling fan comes with 2, 3, 4 or 5 blades. The number of blades should complement the room it is put in so that it does not look oversized for a small room. This situation will also lead to problems in reaching the maximum airflow movement.


 The most creatively designed ceiling fans have lights attached to them in the center of the blades. These lights bring a beautiful change in the room, by brightening it up. They also tend to use up more electricity than a normal ceiling fan would do.

Style Statement of everyone wants to have amazing interiors, no matter where we live. Ceiling fans add a style statement to your house, making it your own kind of beautiful. The best kind of ceiling fans make help to brighten up your room in no time. Therefore investing in the right kind of ceiling fan becomes important.

Lowered energy costs a good ceiling fan should be able to deliver amazingly well for a long time with lowered energy costs. A low power motor helps to save energy and hence helps you save your pocket.

Versatility from room to room: A ceiling fan is one of the most ignored electrical appliances in your households, but still gives different looks to different rooms. It gives a sense of versatility to your homes, making it more unique just like yourself.

Power Consumption:

The best ceiling fans must be energy efficient along with performances. A higher energy efficient ceiling fan saves up on your electricity bills. Fan manufacturing companies have been provided an energy star rating by The Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

The higher the number of stars that BEE rates a ceiling fan with, the lower is the energy consumption. Also, the utilization of lights in a ceiling fan consumes additional energy than any usual ceiling fan.


Airflow is the amount of air that is displaced by a particular ceiling fan per unit time. It is measured in blockish feet per minute (CFM). It tells about the quality of a ceiling fan.The best ceiling fans have AN flow activity bigger than 6000 CFM.

The ceiling fan has an airflow of 4000-5000 CFM. The airflow is responsible to bring down the room temperature. It also helps in determining the efficiency of a ceiling fan. Size of the room and number of blades

The number of blades in a ceiling fan is another major feature that helps to choose among the best available ceiling fans in India.

The accurate number of blades that should be present in a fan is related to the area of the room that it is put in. A ceiling fan generally comes with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 blades that help to give an additional style statement to your interiors.


The best ceiling fans in India have lower energy consumption but a greater performance delivering a kind of motor.

It can surprise you that they are not. You have better fans with the excellent technology available on the showroom windows. Let us now look at the features one should look for in a ceiling fan.

Which is the invention of the industrial revolution that still finds a place in every house? Yes, you have guessed it right. It is the humble ceiling fan. Why is it so?

The reasons should not be difficult to fathom. The shape of the blades is that the ceiling fans can cool the room in the hot summers.

The latest fans come with reversible motors. You can reverse the direction of the revolution of the blades to ensure that the warm air trapped near the ceiling to distribute evenly across the room in the winter.

Know your budget Your budget is the most significant factor when you set out to buy a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans at different prices ranging from ₹ 1800 to even ₹ 5000. your budget in advance will allow you to look for the best fans in your budget. You will not get a Bldc fan at the lower end of the budget range.

However, you can go for a double ball-bearing fan. If you are willing to spend more, you can opt for the fans with remote controls. Your budget does make a difference.

Depending on your room size you may choose your Ceiling fans to come in various sizes with sweep ranging from 900 mm to 1400 mm. The most common size of a ceiling fan is the 1200 mm sweep. The size of the ceiling fan depends on the size of the room. This table should help you decide which one is perfect for your room.

Fan Size (in mm) Room Size (in sq. feet)
900 Less than 75
1050 Up to 100
1200 100 to 130
1400 130 to 150
More than 1400 Greater than 150

Usually, people go for the 1200 mm size. However, you should go for multiple ceiling fans if you have rooms larger than 140 square feet.

Blade pitch or tilt:

If you have a flat blade ceiling fan, it will slide through the air without assisting any air movement. Therefore, the blades should have a tilt or angle of around 12 to 15 degrees. Anything more than that affects the efficiency of the motor thereby increasing your electricity bills.

From the year 2006 onwards, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has started rating fans for their efficiency. BEE rates the fans having a sweep size of 1200 mm and above. Fans consuming more than 80 watts are inefficient whereas those consuming 45 watts and less are the most efficient ones.

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It depends on the shape and the height of the ceiling. If you have sloping roofs, you need a long drop rod to pull the fan low enough to be effective. However, you should ensure that there is a gap of at least 24 inches between the ceiling and the blades.

In India, you have predominantly flat ceilings. Rooms in India are also not more than 9 or 10 feet in height. You should ensure that you should never hang a ceiling fan at less than 6 feet from the floor level.

Nowadays, you have false ceilings in homes that reduce the overall height of the room. Nevertheless, you should ensure there is a sizeable gap between the fan blades and the ceiling.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide for India

You probably do not think you need a buyer’s guide for a ceiling fan, right after all, how tough can buy a ceiling fan be Well, that is where you can go wrong as you may often miss out on the latest features and designs. So here are few tips to keep in mind when looking for the best ceiling fan in 2019.

BEE Rating:

BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency rating defines the energy efficiency of any appliance and is an important buying factor especially in Air Conditioners in India. In the case of ceiling fans, this rating is only provided for fans with a sweeping range of 1200mm or higher. Any fan with a power consumption of 80W or more can be termed as inefficient whereas if you would like to save about Rs. 1000-2000 every year on the electricity bill, a fan with a power consumption of 50 or less should be just perfect.

The number of blades:

Like the angle, even the number of blades in a fan makes a difference. Traditionally, fans come with 3 blades but you can also find 2 or 4 blade fans. So is 4 blades better than 3 Or do you need a 2 blade fan On a general scale, a 3 blade fan usually has a right balance between speed and effectiveness and while 4 blades offer better air distribution and effectiveness, they are usually slower. In the end, the choice comes down to the room size and the distance at which the people would be seated from the fan.


Some of the best-designed fans come with light shades attached to the center of the fan that adds to the overall décor and utility of the fan itself and can really amp up the mood when called upon. The lights are separately controlled via cords or remotes.

But in keep in mind that these fans often consume a higher amount of electricity and the light shades also need to be cleaned regularly so they continue to shine brightly.


The remote control is as I would put it, a blessing in disguise. After all, with a remote gone are the days when you would have to get up every time you wanted to slow down the fan or increase the speed especially in the middle of the night. Just the press of a button and voila just like in the case of an AC.

BLDC Motors:

BLDC motors are the latest ceiling fan technology and the reason they are so popular as they make the fans highly energy efficient. (About 60%-70% more efficient). Plus, it also makes the fans remote-controllable along with other fancy frills like a sleep mode, timer, etc. You will also find that fans with these motors are less noisy.

In India, almost all houses have one or more ceiling fans. Even if a house has an air-conditioner installed, it is sure to have at least one ceiling fan in some part of the house. To put it simply, the best ceiling fan in India can be a great addition to any house, room or office. A ceiling fan can provide a particular room with comfortable air movement, appropriate lighting, as well as a decorative touch. Also, the main reason for having a ceiling fan is controlling the cooling expenses. In India, the weather keeps changing throughout the year.

Be it summer or winter, there is a huge requirement to stay pleasantly cool. While many of the houses have an air-conditioned installed, the first preference is still given to the best ceiling fans because the cost to run an air conditioner is quite high as it consumes more power. Thus, ceiling fans make a more affordable option to maintain a good and cool temperature at home in any season.

The main aim of a ceiling fan is to provide proper ventilation and an improved air movement throughout the room. Ceiling fans in India are more of a necessity than a fashion trend or option. Thus, choosing the best ceiling fans for your home is a very crucial decision. But, due to the vast number of brands and manufacturers in the market, choosing the best has become a complex task. Since there are many options to choose from, it is not an easy decision. Therefore, we have prepared this guide that will make your choice easier and faster. We have listed down the Best Ceiling Fans in India that you can buy for your home for utmost comfort.

Along with this, in order to enhance the quality of your decision, we have also listed the factors that will help you narrow down your choices. Refer to the various features such as high speed, excellent design, double ball bearing, low power consumption, and anti-dust body that will help you get the best of all.

In a nutshell, this Buyers Guide on ceiling fans is going to help you get insights from the world of fans. After reading this you will know everything that is required to buy the best ceiling fan in India. As such, thoroughly read the reviews on various ceiling fans, and we assure you that you will be able to find a desirable ceiling fan for your home.

Though a ceiling fan is usually considered as a simple electric home appliance that is essential for good ventilation and cool air, it is more than that. In today’s world, it is considered as a design statement that enhances the look and feel of the home decor. Most of the ceiling fans are placed in front and center of the home. Thus, it dominates the scene in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. As such, the style is very important. Since style has become the king in today’s glamorous world, it is essential to think twice before you purchase a ceiling fan. It should perfectly match your home’s design and personality.

Design Choices:

A basic paddle fan is a feature of the olden days. In this technologically advanced 2nd century, ceiling fans are available in a breathtaking different variety of styles, finishes as well as colors. The different designs include island-style fans (having palm front blades), sleek contemporary fans, and the amazingly beautiful ornate designs. Thus, before you make any decision to explore the world of beautiful fans in electronic shops and online websites.

Energy and Power Savings:

A Ceiling Fan is an ideal appliance for improving room comfort and ambiance. However, the new generation’s best ceiling fans not only chill you down but also aptly look after the energy and power-saving aspects. The energy costs today have increased to a level that can have a huge impact on the overall monthly home budget.

As such, it is important to buy electronic appliances that not only provide the best of performance but also have energy-saving benefits. Thus, one of the best ceiling fans is aesthetically pleasing as well as has ample power saving capacity. When buying a ceiling fan for everyday use, it is important to look for a fully-featured fan that has a remote or has wall-mounted controls. Ceiling Fans with latest energy-efficient motors make use of significant energy of a typical fan motor (almost 1/3 rd.) and also generally moves much more air in the surroundings.

Thus, when making a purchase, make sure you are well aware of the important features. This includes factors such as the DC energy-efficient motors, down rods and special fan sizes that aptly the space size and also ceiling height.

Larger Bigger Fan Size Required:

In order to enjoy the maximum performance of the fan, it is necessary to choose the right fan size that matches your room size. Below mentioned are approximate sizes of different rooms in the house and a suitable fan size to keep the particular room airy and cool.

Large rooms that are bigger than 400 sq. ft. need a ceiling fan with a 54″ or larger blade span. Also, if the room is quite massive, you can even think of having two fans installed to manage the cooling requirements. In order to derive maximum comfort, the ceiling fan should be installed nearly or completely in the center of the room. When placed in the center, it will enhance the distribution significantly and the air will reach each and every corner as far as possible. Also, make sure that the blade tips are t least 18 inches away from any wall.

Fan Blade Pitch and Size after the motor, the blades of the Fan are of great significance. It is the fan blades that determine the amount of air that is circulated in the room where the best ceiling fan is installed. For optimum air circulation, a Fan blade pitch should generally be between 12 to 15-degree angles. Before buying a particular ceiling fan, the fan blades should be weighted and suited to the room as a balanced set, in order to refrain from any kind of fan wobble.

If a ceiling fan has less than a 12-degree angle, then it is difficult for it to circulate air properly and thus, it won’t be efficient. In simple terms, the greater the angle or the higher the pitch of the blade, the more air circulation will be delivered.

Ceiling Fan Motor

The motor of the fan is like the motherboard of the computer. It is responsible for proper motor functioning. It also produces quiet operation while driving the blades of the fan for air movement. It is advisable to look for high-quality motors that comprise heavy-duty windings as well as sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated. Small and less powerful motors may deliver higher operating temperatures, lower air circulation, and noisier operation. A good Motor is designed to work without any disturbance for a longer time, thus enhancing the reliability and durability of the ceiling fan.

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Consider stylish lights to complement Your home Interior In order to match your home décor, opt from a range of lights from classic to contemporary. This will enhance the look and feel of your fan as well as your room. There are a number of light options to choose from including single light bowls, spotlights, or multiple glass shades that can boost the ambiance and design of your room.

Consider the Warranty and Customer Support Services:

When you decide to buy the best ceiling fan, it is essential to consider the warranty offered as well as the customer support services. A number of electrical ceiling fan producers provide a lifetime warranty and also an in-home customer help service. If not a lifetime repair warranty, look for a minimum of 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Installation Services

Though many manufacturers provide free installation services, some do restrict it to a particular area. Installing a ceiling fan may sound to be a tough task, but it usually is a simple process. It is very easy and merely with a few basic skills anyone can install it on their own within an hour or less. Also, the ceiling fans come packed in with a user and manual guide. This guide contains step by step instructions. As such, your newly purchased best ceiling fan will be fitted up easily and working efficiently in no time.

Consider the Fan Size

It is the number and the length of blades on a ceiling fan that decides how much air the fan is able to move. To suit an average size bedroom of around 12 feet by 12 feet, a basic four-blade fan will meet the need. This fan should have a blade span of 42 inches to provide good ventilation. On the other hand, for larger rooms, you can choose to purchase a fan with wider and longer blades, like a 52-inch span, which delivers better airflow.

A ceiling fan is as much a style statement as it is a necessary electrical home appliance. As such, ensure that the quality, style, and performance are all evaluated and carefully analyzed as a part of the decision making the process. Make sure you put the above information to good use in choosing one of the best ceiling fans in the market. I hope the above points help you to make a wise and informed decision. A good choice will help you get an optimistic and best ceiling fan experience for many years in the future.

Even with an Air conditioner or air cooler in your home, you need a good ceiling fan, as ceiling fan satisfies your requirements in all ways also it is a low cost and long life solution for your heat problem. In summer, there are many areas in India where you must need to have a ceiling fan which gives you a good sleep at the high temperature is bound to pass 42 degrees.

Energy Efficiency:

Firstly, ceiling fans are the most energy-efficient entities in the house. These fans can cut down your energy costs and help you save money in the long run. Ceiling fans can lower your energy consumption by half. That way, it’s also environment-friendly as it reduces your house’s carbon footprint.

Cools Down Perfectly:

Though the ceiling fan doesn’t change the room temperature, the airflow makes you feel relaxed. It stops the stuffiness to set in so you can increase the thermostat and still feel comfortable. The breeze generated by the fans help in increasing the natural evaporation of perspiration on the skin. This makes our natural cooling phenomenon even more efficient.

Air Conditioner Backup:

Ceiling fans can also work well with the air conditioning unit. Both work well together these appliances can let a household switch depending on the weather or situation. Having a ceiling fan will be a backup to you in case the air conditioner breaks down. These two are most often included in most modern homes today. Read these great tips on how to cool your home the best with an air conditioning unit.

Warms You Up During Winter:

It is not only used during the summer season, as the ceiling fan is also as good during winter. the ceiling fan blades move clockwise to push warm air to the floor. This can cut down energy consumption by and reduce the cost of heating fuel.


Some fans are also dual-purpose. With its fan light-weight kit, it provides practical illumination. You now not ought to place extra lights in a very space. On its own, it will already remove darkness from a space.

Just a few more days and summers would be here with the harsh and bright sun shining right above your head. It would be perfect if you can stay ready for the summers beforehand by making all the cooling things ready. A ceiling fan should be your starting point when you start buying new stuff for the summers.

For any reason you might not have changed your old ceiling fan yet, there wouldn’t be a better time than this. There are a number of ceiling fans from some of the best brands available in the market for you to choose from. Below is the list of the best ceiling fans that you can buy right away for all kinds of budgets.

Even if you have Air conditioner or air cooler in your home, you always need a good ceiling fan, as ceiling fan satisfy your need in all session (not only in summer) also it is low cost and long life solution for your heat problem. In summer, there are many areas in India where you must need to have a good ceiling fan which gives you sound sleep as the temperature is bound to cross 40 degrees surely. Below are some of the top ceiling fans in India which are from popular brands.

Final Words: – The best ceiling fans in India, with high-quality performance, low price and great features which suits your budget the most. Every fan has their own importance of ceiling fans have special reviews here.

The demands of Air Conditioners and Air Coolers are increasing day by day. However, you cannot underestimate the importance of having a Ceiling Fan in your home. During the summer, Ceiling Fan can provide you cooling. It is a low cost and long-term solution. Moreover, many people cannot afford Air Conditioner or Air Cooler and so, they can only rely on a good Ceiling Fan.

There are a large number of branded Ceiling Fans available at affordable prices from which you can select the best one for your home. The five-star reviews on top Companies’ Ceiling Fan can help you to make a better decision.

Ceiling fans being the lowliest credited appliances they always lack the importance that they deserve. But ceiling fans are the most preferable if you are considering electricity cuts or reducing your electricity consumption. Most of us work on the home lightings keeping in mind the high electricity bills we face and the number of power cuts we have. Hence the most popular and the ever-constant companion is undoubtedly the Ceiling fan.  While you have been fixing the LED bulbs and CFL lights to save on electricity it’s now Ceiling fans turn. To understand this better a regular BEE star rated ceiling fan consumes 75 Watts as compared to a regular most inefficient tube light that consumes 55 Watts.

Considering that a Fan is in use during the day as well as the night it needs a faster fix than a light bulb. Keeping in mind the power consumption and the Star rates, the Best Ceiling fans India are curated here for your consideration. Since BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India started rating ceiling fans a lot of Ceiling fan brands in India are now coming up with more efficient versions. Let’s look at the list of the best fans in India.

The ceiling fan industry is a well-established industry that has been growing over the past few decades. The ceiling fans industry comprises of energy-efficient ceiling fans, decorative ceiling fans, high-speed ceiling fans, and tower fan. According to experts, India has a large manufacturing base. It is estimated that the industry manufacture 20 million ceiling fans.  Also, the industry is expected to grow by 8% every year and exports of ceiling fans has grown by 200 % in the past five years.

Why ceiling fans are used in India:

Air is the need for human beings and we require air for maintaining body temperature and breathe. For many years, ceiling fans are popular, conventional and cheapest ways to enhance air circulation. The ceiling fan alters room temperature by seven degrees that make air condition cheaper and easier. Also, 30% of power can be saved by setting the thermostat of a ceiling fan. It controls the fan’s speed as per the required temperature. It is also one of the best options for the interior design of your home.

Add a touch of magnificence amalgamated with power, performance, comfort, safety, and sturdiness. The ceiling fans are an imperative part of every home and are built to be energy efficient. Add a way of favor and enthusiasm to your rooms and offices with our innovative and classy styles. With simple installation, our range of ceiling fans is a fit and forget proposition. Ceiling fans area unit an indispensable a part of any unit. What you select for your house depicts your style and when people walk in through that door, ceiling fans help you make an impression. Available for the most effective worth on-line, the most recent fans for your roof are available in completely different varieties.

Embrace your decisions with choices like premium underneath light-weight fans, energy-saving fans, ornamental fans, metallic fans, high-speed fans, regular fans, etc. It is only with these appliances, that a house feels like home and we understand this. The biggest benefit with fans is that there is no compromise on the performance and the energy usage is always minimum. It is time you upgrade your homes with the foremost stylish and distinctive designer fans. Explore the vary of fans on-line restful on the couch and create a press release.

With most of India facing hot or humid climate for a major part of the year, getting respite from the scorching heat is feasible through the most economical means – ceiling fans. Since a large percentage of the Indian population fall in the category of the middle-income group, air conditioners are not everyone’s cup of tea. People are more dependent on fans despite having those desert coolers or air conditioners, just because of their inability to disperse cool air in large areas. The ceiling fans aid in eliminating the air pockets created by coolers or air conditioners to ensure optimum distribution of cold air throughout the room.

Nowadays, the markets are flooded with various kinds of ceiling fans comprising the latest features, making it an integral part of our lifestyle. Selecting between some of the best brands of ceiling fans can become easier if you know what to look for in a ceiling fan Contemporary, transitional, traditional or rustic, the design of the ceiling fan must rather enhance the appeal of your room rather making it look altogether odd.

For purchasing a modern ceiling fan on the basis of their efficiency, you must know that the blade size is the major determining factor. While the shorter blades circulating less air are meant for smaller rooms like kitchens, the ceiling fans having medium and larger sized blades are meant for bedrooms and living rooms, respectively.

In case, the ceiling height is low, then there are high possibilities that you might end up bumping your head against the fan having a download. Therefore, where ceiling height is more than 10 feet, you must get the down-rod affixed with a ceiling fan to ensure optimum distribution of air.

Since the ceiling fan is used day and night, it is pertinent that it is extremely energy efficient. The most ideal energy consumption of ceiling is 60 watts or lower and in case, you are considering purchasing one with lights, then take into account the energy input required for the whole unit before pouncing upon the decision.

Side-lining those conventional ceiling fans are the contemporary ones that come with a remote control to allow you to increase or decrease the speed without having to move and physically use the speed regulator. When you are paying price for a product that has long term use, they prefer going in for one of the best brands of ceiling fans in India to keep quality factors.

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